Excerpts from Reviews

“…an excellent interpreter, maintaining robust physical engagement, he is expressive, precise, and dramatic, while also keeping a wonderful sense of whimsy and play with the music.”
-The Record, Oct 11, 2010.

“Gregory Oh gives a superhuman interpretation of André Ristic\’s keyboard-smashing avalanche of notes”
-Toronto Star, Oct 28, 2008.

“Oh is clearly on his way, through performances, commissioning and programming, to making a lasting contribution to new music in this country.”
-National Post, February 28, 2005

“Oh’s mesmerizing performance combined intelligence and soul; imagination and insight. He revealed a visceral sense of tempo, excellent voicing, a wonderful pianistic palette, and a warm honest sound.””
-National Post, December 22, 1998

“Playing at a level above everyone else in the Bartok Third Concerto, the soloist Gregory Oh left the orchestra far behind him. A crystal clear tone and his musical, structure-conscious thinking showed, together with a highly sensitive art of touch, a playing of professional maturity.”
-Graz Neue Zeit (Austria), Saturday, March 15, 1997

“The singular high point remained Gregory Oh, whose Third Piano Concerto by Bartok, radiating through and through with intellectual brightness, was marked by great and small wonders.”
-Graz Kronen Zeitung (Austria), Saturday, March 15, 1997


Embracing Failure: In Conversation with Gregory Oh: Interview with Wendalyn Bartley/Wholenote Magazine

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Open Ears welcomes new Artistic Director: About Open Ears and my love of bowling

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An X-Avant Preview: An interview about programming the X-Avant Festival with the Globe and Mail

A genre-bender with a crazy touch: An interview with the Globe and Mail

Don\’t describe the music, just feel it: An interview with the Toronto Star

Halo:The Ballet gets Space Marines to Dance in a Church: The Torontoist talks to me about Halo Ballet. (Oct 2010)

Classical V2.0: An interview with Sarah Liss at Eye Weekly

Toca Loca: An interview with Demian Carynnyk at the Wavelength Zine

Profile of a Canadian Pianist, Conductor, Teacher (and Gamer):  Interview with Liane Tsui

Other Press

Dido Rocks!: NOW reviews of my arrangement of Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas.

Sounding like Mozart on Acid: A preview of a Mercer-Oh Trio in the Hamilton Spec

G27 at TSP: A NOW review of the G27 concert where I premiered Aaron Gervais’ Concerto for Mozart Piano Videos

How Canadian Should the COC Be?: Kate Taylor writes about CanCon and the COC, around the same time I was preparing to picket Die Fledermaus, and gives me a few lines. (Apr 2012)

Playing With A Rubik’s Cube of Sound: REG reviews an Arraymusic concert I conducted (Feb 2011)

The Bad

Brian Hunt of the National Post thinks I’m dull.

Just for blurb

“. . . energetic and ever-inventive . . .”
-John Terauds, Toronto Star, July 24, 2008

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