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Hey everyone. Welcome to 6008 Spokes. This post will be edited many times as we get closer to the big day!

We are looking for 111 volunteers to ride in a piece called Eine Brise by Mauricio Kagel. It is not a difficult piece and you do not need to be a trained musician! What you do need to be able to do is:

1. Ride a bike safely at a fixed, leisurely pace in a formation.

2. Have a bell or horn on your bike.

3. Be able to whistle or make wind noises.

4. Be willing to sing – you don\’t need to be able to sing in tune – and make noises.

5. Be committed to coming and riding on the 31st of May, a lovely Saturday afternoon, for a 3 pm concert with a rehearsal that will take place on the same day somewhere between 12-3. Probably 1 pm – this will firm up as we get closer.

6. Be willing to be filmed, recorded and/or photographed.

For those interested in riding in Eine Brise, a piece by Mauricio Kagel for 111 Cyclists, please email me. 6008@ the domain name you are currently visiting (gregoryoh dot com). If you can\’t figure that out, write a comment with your email and I\’ll send it to you.

You need to send me your name, your email and phone number. We will confirm via email/phone and send you some instructions closer to the day.

Anyone can come and play Terry Riley\’s In C. Just bring an instrument or your voice if you wish, plus a copy of the music. You can find it in many libraries, or here is a link to the music (it is only two pages):

In C score


Greg and Sean

Q:  Do you still need cyclists?  A:  YES!!!
Q:  Is it hard?  A: NO!!!!  (5 easy instructions)
Q:  Is it fast?  A:  NO!  (easy, comfortable pace, riding in formation)
Q:  Is Eine Brise a good piece?  A:  I have no idea…
Q:  When is the rehearsal?  A:  Earlier that day – probably around noon or 1 pm.