Things I\’m involved with:

April 2013
April 26: Playing Six Pianos – Steve Reich + John Cage and Colin McPhee at Koerner Hall. Piano Ecstasy presented by Soundstreams Canada.
April 27-May 1: Recording 371 by Chris Harman at McGill for future NAXOS release! This was a Toca Loca commission via Ontario Arts Council.

May 2013
May 9: Opening night of Barber of Seville at Soulpepper.
May 10: Performing excerpts from Aaron Gervais\’ Oksana G at Opera America conference in Vancouver, BC.
May 14: Music for China at Koerner Hall. Presented by Soundstreams Canada.
May 15-25: Tour of Taiwan and China with Soundstreams Canada.
May 31-June 1: Open Ears: Between the Ears Festival in Kitchener, ON.

August 2013
Aug: The metronomes and I travel to Ottawa Chamberfest.

September 2013
Workshop of Ulla\’s Odyssey with Theatre Direct
Sept 12-13: Workshop of Anna Hostman\’s Singing the Earth with Continuum Music

October 2013
Oct 25-27: Global TV Cabaret Festival at the Young Centre

November 2013
Nov 29-30: Anna Hostman\’s Singing the Earth with Continuum Music

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