Selected Videos

Ristic Prelude and Fugue
This was recorded live at the Music Gallery in Toronto, 2/27/2010

Halo Ballet (v1.0)
One of my favourite projects ever. Choreography by Julia Aplin, music by Aaron Gervais. w/Sanya Eng, Steph Chua, Greg Samek, Erik Ross, Rick Sacks, Callan Burgess, David Schotzko.

Pattycake – Sean Griffin
Great piece, performed with Aiyun Huang, at Open Ears 2011.

Patricia the Stripper
This is the opening of Natural Magic, a show featuring Patricia O\’Callaghan\’s that we were workshopping at the Banff Centre. Marie-Josée Chartier directed, with Kurt Swinghammer on guitar and Joe Phillips on bass.

This film by Laura Taler featured Tracy Smith Bessette as the photogenic soprano.  Bonnie and Norbert Kraft recorded us. Fun!

This Will Not Be Televised
Great ensemble, featuring the Penderecki Quartet and DJ P-Love, with Greg Samek, Rick Sacks and Brian Baty, at the 2010 Open Ears Festival. Great piece by Jules Leger Prize winner Nicole Lizée.

Excerpt from a live performance with Continuum Contemporary Music at the Images Festival. Music by Richard Ayres, Film by Guy Maddin.


Soundstreams has a great channel of live video online.  Here\’s some of the performances I have been involved in.

     Pulau Dewata by Claude Vivier (arr. H. Fujii) with Haruka Fujii, Rika Fujii and Ryan Scott

     Carousel by Michael Oesterle with Haruka Fujii, Rika Fujii and Ryan Scott

     Balinese Ceremonial Music by Colin McPhee with Simon Docking

     Six Pianos (Piano Ecstasy) at Koerner Hall (Steve Reich\’s Six Pianos starts at 1:23)

Continuum Contemporary Music

Continuum also has a great you tube channel full of cool stuff.

     Singing the Earth by Anna Hostman

     Once Near Water by Rick Sacks and Vera Frenkel and Behind the Shadows by Martin Arnold and Christine Battle from the 2009 Images Festival

     Four in Hand by Ann Southam with Laurent Phillipe and Continuum Contemporary Music

     Madrigale by Aldo Clementi with Laurent Phillipe, Ryan Scott

More Videos for Insomniacs and Biggest Fans

     Traumnovelle by Nicole Lizee with Arraymusic



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